From The Shop – Elevated Box Blind

Yes, I know the new fishing season is upon us and I plan on being out there with the rest of the walleyed warriors.  But don’t forget your scouting for fall.  And don’t put off those land improvements. If you’re lucky enough to have access to private land, make the best of it!   Last year I finally pulled the trigger on building an elevated box blind on the in-laws hunting land in northern Wisconsin.  Normally I am a treestand kind of guy.  But the gun deer season is late in November here, and can get uncomfortably cold at times.   Since my wife and I did most of the construction on our house other than the major trades,  I knew this blind would be a comparatively easy task. The design rolled around in my head for years and I mentally tweaked it often until it came time to start construction.  I also posted my thoughts on the Concept Archery website forums to get other hunters’ thoughts on blinds. The main reason I started this project was because all the building materials piled up in the garage were driving me crazy.  So, here it is. I didn’t take many in-progress pics because I was scrambling to get it built (all the while making it portable) before my trip to the land over Memorial Day weekend 2011. I had about a week of late nights in the garage after the kids were put to bed that work was actually done. I built it in panels so it could be trailered up north.  The final product is 6’x6’x6′ with 12″ high by 45″ wide windows that are 40″ off the floor. The blind is 8′ off the ground with floor hatch access. Windows are top-hinged and adjustable for sun/rain protection while the interior is blacked out. Roof overhangs about 12″ all around. I will be able to shoot my bow out to 30-35 yards while standing.


I admit it will mostly be used for the gun season, but it is versatile enough for bow. It will allow for bow hunting later in the season. There are other stand locations on the property that I usually bowhunt. Two adults can hunt in comfort with room for a child as well.  I may write an update with more detailed pics after the next time I go.  And this didn’t cost me much to build.  Many of the materials were leftover from other house projects.  Many were from friends and family.  The remaining needed materials I found at the ‘Restore’ (The Habitat for Humanity resale store).  In the end, it’s a wooden blind with vinyl siding and steel roof.  It’s properly flashed, sealed, and carpeted. Gun deer season 2011 came and I gave the blind it’s first run with my sister-in-law.  We sat back to back with a Buddy heater between us, warming our backsides.  An hour into opening day, a forkhorn buck strolled to within 10 yards and pretty much asked to be put in my freezer.  Happy to oblige.   So I’d say the blind is a success.  My father-in-law calls it the Taj Mahal. I said, “Nothing but the best for your daughters and granddaughters”. Not to mention your favorite son-in-law. But I know that soon after my girls start hunting, I will be forced back to my treestand.  I’ll start gathering more materials now.

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